Buying a Property at Auction in Chesterfield

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Buying a Property at Auction in Chesterfield

Looking to Buy a New Property in Chesterfield?

Whether you’re a property investor looking for your next investment property, or a homeowner looking to buy your next home, there’s no reason why you need to limit yourself to traditional ways of buying a property; via an estate agent.

Buying Chesterfield properties at auction has become increasingly more popular over the years, and for good reason. People want everything to be done in a more efficient way these days, and that includes when it comes to selling their homes. People have many reasons for wanting to sell their property at auction, whether they’re moving abroad, they need a quick sale, or they just want quick cash.

This means that you have a wider variety of options when it comes to buying a property in Chesterfield, as now you have the options of auctions lots as well, which may even come with a considerable price difference than if you were to buy a property in the traditional way.

Steps to Buying a Property at Auction in Chesterfield

If you are considering buying a property at auction in Chesterfield, the first thing you’ll need to do is register your interest with us. We can then send you a copy of our latest catalogue, listing all of the auction properties that will be available in our upcoming auction in Chesterfield.

If you find an auction property you’re interested in, you will then be able to arrange to view the property and arrange for a survey to be carried out on the property. It’s important that you are happy with the state of the property before deciding to bid, as there can be risks when it comes to buying a property at auction.

Once you are satisfied with this, and would like to bid on this property at auction, you will need to instruct us as your auctioneers. We will ask you to sign necessary documentation, and you will be required to pay an entry fee for the auction.

Once you have instructed your auction house, you will need to arrange any necessary finances prior to the auction day. If you do win the property at auction, you will be required to pay 10% of the amount as a deposit on the day, and the remaining amount will need to be paid to the seller within 28 days following the auction, so it’s important that your finances are arranged in advance.

About Us

Mark Jenkinson & Son was established in 1877, so we have a strong reputation in the property auction field throughout Chesterfield and surrounding areas, and have a wealth of knowledge buying properties at auction. We understand that there are risks when it comes to buying property at an auction - as there are with purchasing any property - which is why we are committed to providing you with help, support, and advice throughout the process.

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So, if you have any questions or you’re ready to get the ball rolling on buying your Chesterfield property at auction, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced auctioneers today.

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