Land off Albert Street, Cudworth, Barnsley, S72 8BD

  • Former garage site and site of former water tower
  • Freehold plot of approximately 1,970 square metres (0.48 acres)
  • Established residential area
  • Potential for residential use (STC)

On Instructions from Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


The site is situated approximately 4.6 miles to the north east of Barnsley town centre at the junction of Albert Street and Clifford Street

The Site

The land is identified on the adjoining plan and amounts to approximately 1,970 square metres (0.48 acres)

Planning Addendum (updated on 14th February and different to the printed auction catalogue)
After further consideration it is advised that part of the site offered for sale falls within the adjoining allotment and greenbelt allocation under the currently adopted Unitary Development Plan (UDP) and not within the Housing Policy Area as previously disclosed The extent of the site included within the greenbelt is identified on a plan included within the legal pack. The emerging Local Plan designates the whole site as Urban Fabric; however this is not currently adopted and therefore would not carry any significant weight in the determination of a planning application while it remains only a proposal. Therefore any interested party will have to consider this planning information as part of their prospective use.


Prospective Purchasers should note that the Conditions of Sale for this lot include a requirement that the Purchaser pays Barnsley Council's legal costs and a 5% premium or £500 minimum payment in addition to the price bid


On site at any reasonable time

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