Land Adjacent To 116 Fish Dam Lane, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 2RW

  • Vacant site of approximately 374 sqm
  • Established area adjoining semi detached property
  • Potential as a single building plot (STP)

On instruction from Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


The site is located approximately 2.7 miles to the north east of Barnsley town centre and lies to the left of 116 Fish Dam Lane

The land is identified on the adjoining plan and amounts to approximately 374sqm


The site is Urban Fabric in the Local Plan and therefore may be suitable for a single dwelling subject to the relevant consents. Any proposal should look to retain the existing tree within the site, unless a tree survey indicates that the tree does not warrant protection due to being defective. Any planning application should be accompanied by a tree survey/implications assessment showing how the tree and its root protection area shall be safeguarded by the development. A replacement tree would be expected if the tree needs to be removed. Interested parties are advised to make their own planning and highways enquiries in respect of possible schemes.


Prospective Purchasers should note that the Conditions of Sale for this lot include a requirement that the Purchaser pays Barnsley Council's legal costs and a 5% premium or £500 minimum payment in addition to the price bid


On site at any reasonable time

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