Freehold Ground Rents, Hunter Ct., Stafford Rd., School Ln. and Wadlsey Ln., Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S11 8TY

  • Portfolio of Freehold ground rents
  • 29 flats over four locations in Sheffield
  • Greenhill, Norfolk Park, Hunters bar and Wadsley
  • Three 800 year leases from 1960s and 1970s
  • One 200 year lease from 1974
  • Individual ground rents of £7.50, £15 and £25

School Lane, Greenhill, Sheffield, S8 7RL
Flat numbers 41,43,45 & 47
800 years from 25th March 1975 at £25pa each
Annual Income £100

106 Stafford Road, Norfolk Park, Sheffield, S2 2SF
Flat numbers 1,2,3 &4
800 years from 29th September 1974 at £25pa each
Annual Income £100

Hunter Court, Hunter House Road, Sheffield, S11 8TY
Flat numbers 1-18
800 years from 24th June 1960 at £7.50 each
Annual Income £127.50

Wadsley Lane, Sheffield, S6 4EE
Flat numbers 182-188
200 years from 29th September 1974 at £15pa each
Annual Income £60

Total - 29 Flats producing a total income of £387.50

Section 5b notices of the Landlord and Tenant 1987 have been served

Auction details
For sale by Online auction on Friday 11thg June. Bidding commences at 9am and will finish at 12noon. Interested parties will need to register via the bidding window on the Mark Jenkinson website.

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