15th February 2011

Our new Asset Management / Public Consultancy is headed by Mohammed Mahroof who was formerly the head of Corporate Property at Sheffield City Council and has over twenty-two years of public sector experience. We are pleased to provide a comprehensive service aimed at the public sector.

Asset Management Plans/Estates Strategies

  • Advice on developing and preparing Asset Management Plans (AMP) to support service delivery to include asset valuations, appraisals to include advise on strategic asset management planning.

Urban Regeneration Schemes

  • Expert advice and support on site assembly working with the private and public sectors to promote regeneration in areas of need.
  • Consultation exercises
  • Member involvement
  • Planning support

Local Housing Company

  • Developing LHC models
  • Advice on negotiating documentation
  • Advice on supporting bids to gain LHC status
  • Liaising with central government bodies and relevant quangos.
  • Preparing the marketing exercise to procure private sector partners.

Master Planning

  • Advice and support working with multi disciplinary teams to include architects, housing managers, planners, elected members and the public.
  • Master planning can be a complicated and difficult exercise that needs the support of experts in this area of work, with knowledge of other schemes.

Mixed Use Developments

  • Advice on putting together service led delivery projects, with multi agency stakeholders.
  • Advice on acquisitions, planning and preparing reports for funding.
  • Consultation exercises.

Public Sector Disposal Strategies

  • Advice on developing a disposal strategy with stakeholder buy in.
  • Increased demands on efficient use of buildings and audit requirements need expert steer and support as identified by The Gershon Report.
  • Ensuring “best consideration” is obtained in line with central government requirements and Section 123 of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended), and the General Disposal Consent requirements.


  • Through Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • Purchase by agreement
  • Developer led regeneration initiatives.

Community Buildings

  • Advice on the requirements of the Quirk Review
  • Community buildings strategies, aligned with other Third Sector Providers.
  • Third sector support in delivering community led initiatives.

Local Asset Backed Vehicles

  • Support for public sector bodies entering into limited partnership or limited liability partnership.
  • Advice on procuring and developing the environment for a successful LABV.
  • Negotiating with all the stakeholders in the venture.

Outsourcing Public Sector Property Departments

  • Supporting and preparing outsourcing proposals
  • Supporting the competitive dialogue process
  • Supporting the organisation and staff through transition.
  • Implementing an effective process of procurement which is in line with government requirements.

Management of Surplus Assets

  • Supporting public sector bodies in having an effective record of assets held.
  • Data collection
  • Property holding costs
  • Suitability for other public uses
  • Asset values

If you require any of these services or would like a no obligation consultation and a fee quote please feel free to contact Mohammed Mahroof

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