2nd February 2011

Statistics released by the Essential Information Group in London placed Mark Jenkinson and son in pole position in the Yorkshire and Humber area with totals sales in excess of £26million. The firm was seventeenth in the top twenty of the Nation's leading auctioneers with the majority of those above being London based.

The overall success rate in 2010 of 89% was once more one of the highest in the country but the outstanding figure was the 70% of lots sold "in the room". This is over 20% higher than the nearest rival at 59% who rely heavily on pre/post auction sales to gain respectability.

This is an important consideration when comparing results as a "sale in the room" is usually at or above reserve and relies on the competitive bidding generated at the auction. Sales afterwards tend to be at or below the reserve.

Our aim is to achieve the best price for our client's properties within a difficult market.

Auctioneers do love statistics and the wealth of information available today means that we can get tangled up in all sorts of "whose best at what" arguments. To view for yourself have a look at the following and draw your own conclusion click here.

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